Cmoar Launches Fresh Kickstarter Campaign for New Smartphone-Based HMD

Virtual reality (VR) fans may recall mid-2014 in which Cmoar launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for its Personal Smartphone Viewer, a new head-mounted display (HMD) that offered VR experiences using the owner’s smartphone, similar to what can be seen with Samsung’s Gear VR. The campaign fell short of its £60,000 GBP goal but has seemingly paved the way for a new HMD, simply called Cmoar. Recently the company has launched a new Kickstarter campaign for this iteration of the device, seeking $100,000 USD.


The Cmoar is billed as both a VR and augmented reality (AR) HMD that the company will be fully supporting with apps, videogames and more. According to its creators this HMD is differeniated though ‘workmanship, price, simplicity of use and, most importantly, external electronics and accessories.’ The HMD itself boasts USB and headphones output allowing to connect to external devices such as Leap Motion’s wireless hand-tracking controller, which is give specific mention. The kit even has integrated buttons for menu navigate and control on one side of the device.

Elsewhere Cmoar boasts sensors that apparently allow for ‘extremely sensitive’ head-tracking. The HMD itself is said to be compatible with over 150 smartphones, including iPhones, with the official website itself allowing users to check it their phone is compatible. A space in the front of the device allows for camera output, which in turn makes AR experiences possible. The company even has its own line of compatible accessories including a Cmoar Game pad with inbuilt motion sensors, a power bank to allow for longer sessions and a stand.

There’s even a ‘2D high-quality’ module in the works, allowing viewers to watch and play 2D content on a single screen.

Along with the PC and console streaming that the company has mentioned in the past, this new device will be supported with Cmoar’s own apps. That includes the Cmoar Rolloer Coaster VR and Cmoar VR Cinema apps that have launched in the past along with new software such as Cmoar AR RPG, allowing users to immerse themselves in a fantasy battle on their table tops. Also new is Cmoar Augmented Reality TV, which displays an 80-inch virtual TV for users to watch. Several other videogames and apps are also teased to be in development.

It’s an admittedly impressive return for a HMD some might have thought they wouldn’t see again. Those interested in Cmoar can back $99 in order to secure a unit, which aims to ship in June 2015. VRFocus will continue to follow Cmoar closely, reporting back with any further updates on its progress.