WAA! Available On Google Play

New virtual reality title WAA! When Asteroids Attack! developed by Peter Bickhofe, is now available for Google Cardboard via Google Play. The videogame involves defending the character using the Google Cardboard from asteroids flying at you.

WAA! When Asteroids Attack! doesn’t use a traditional control, the videogame only requires the player to focus using head tracking. Players will have to look around for incoming asteroids and fire homing missiles at them. Destroying the asteroids will gain the power bolts and batteries which can be used to shorten aiming time, increase shields or adjust the gravity.

WAA!!! 2

The title is in fact part of a series featuring the little astronaut. Another title called Astrolander, involves the character flying around to find the parts to fix the broken rocket. When moving the player isn’t allowed to touch the sides, so the player has to use a jetpack. Also available is digital playbooks which users can get by buying the free title or purchasing Astrolander.

WAA! When Asteroids Attack! is available via Google Play for £0.76 GBP. VRFocus will keep you updated on the latest content from Google Play.