Virtuix Omni Motion Experience Enhanced Thanks to CloudNav

Virtuix has recently showed off its new final retail version of its omnidirectional treadmill the Omni. Now it has been announce that it has a greatly enhanced user experience all thanks to a new partnership with CloudNav. This company specialises in enhancing of motion based experiences across a variety of electronic devices including gyroscopes and accelerometers.

Virtuix Omni aims to take virtual reality (VR) to the next level. Instead of simply being able to move your head like most head mounted displays(HMDs), the omnidirectional treadmill can offer the player full immersion. It means the player can use their feet to move around the game world.  Combined with HMDs like the Oculus Rift and Samsung’s Gear VR the Omni works as if the player is in the game. This innovation is taken to the further with CloudNav’s custom built software for the the Omni. Using CloudNav’s pre existing software PerformanceFusion and TinyFusion, the team was able to overcome the challenge of integrating a full sensor fusion solution which serves to improve the motion features of the Omni. CloudNav CEO Drake Margiotta said:

“Our team met the difficult challenge of integrating a full sensor fusion solution into Omni’s magnetic environment and delivered an excellent performing solution that met the needs of the Omni product.”


Virtuix now have a fluent and working demo to showcase at the Consumer Electronics Show(CES) thanks to this software. Virtuix CEO and founder Jan Goetgeluk had this to say on CloudNav’s progress: “CloudNav was able to deliver a highly accurate and fully integrated demo in time for CES, which they will refine into a shippable product this quarter.” Virtuix will showcase this demo and the final retail version on the Omni at CES. They believe they will have the Omni shipped this quarter.

VRFocus will keep you updated on all the information coming out of CES.