Trailer for Runes: The Forgotten Path Released

Previously VRFocus reported on a new virtual reality (VR) title by Stormborn Studios called Rune: The Forgotten Path. The videogame allows players to become a wizard who can cast various spells through the use of runes and now has a trailer.

Rune: The Forgotten Path puts players in the role of a wizard who can use ‘runes’ to cast spells. Also it is up to the player whether you mix these runes together to create over 100 variations of spells. Being released with Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) compatibility, it can also be used with motion sensor controllers like the STEM.

In the trailer below, you can see some of the character concepts which have been created for the title. It then goes on to demonstrate how the runes work and how you can mix them up to create new spells. You can see that it is possible on a console controller. Next there is a glimpse of how you buy these runes from a book followed by the different runes available to the player. Finally, they show the different ways you are able to play the game including using the motion controllers with the Oculus Rift or simply sitting down with a controller and playing.

VRFocus will keep you updated on the titles progress.