Toyota Unveil TeenDrive 365 Initiative’s VR Experience

Previously VRFocus reported on Toyota’s TeenDrive 365 initiative. The aim is to make teenagers more aware of safety and the dangers of the road. On the website there are several tools to educate as well as a safe driving pledge people can take. As part of this initiative, Toyota recently released a virtual reality (VR) Oculus Rift compatible driving simulator which is used as an educational tool.

The video below shows what the VR program will look like. In the car there is a little girl who is changing the radio station. Outside the car there are police sirens going off to which the player looks. Then there is a very loud text tone with the teenage boy speaking in the back. Following this text another will appear to which the boy asks ‘what does it say?’. When going to do this, the player crashes.

Toyota’s goal is to show how easily common distractions can cause potentially dangerous situations. This VR experience is described by the company as being an ‘enhanced in-car distracted driving simulator’. During the course of the simulator the player will be subject to text tones, talking and also loud music in order to prove the danger of these distractions.

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