Realtime Immersion Launching 360 Degree Live-Streaming Camera for HMDs

Virtual reality (VR) videos are on the rise, with 360 degree movies, experiences and more starting to pop up across a wide range of head-mounted displays (HMD). Despite this, there’s yet to be a true commercial 360 degree camera to really leave a mark on the industry. Realtime Immersion (RTI) is hoping to do just that with the launch of its very own 360 degree camera capable of live-streamlining footage without the need for stitching or compression.

Surprisingly RTI, seen below, uses a single-sensor camera system which the company claims to be portable and rugged for use in tougher environments. Video can be streamed in real time to a number of devices including HMDs, with the company making specific mention of Samsung and its Gear VR smartphone-based VR HMD. Tablets, smartphones, PCs and more will also be compatible with the system. So far the company has partnered with the likes of Red Bull Media House, NASCAR Racing and concerts at the South by South West festival (SXSW).

The company will be launching a new model of the device dubbed the RTI-9 with resolution that it claims is ‘three times greater than HD’. It’s expected to release in Q2 2015.

“RTI’s technology will revolutionize the way sports fans and entertainment enthusiasts experience video content by igniting exploration and creating personalized experiences,” said Greg Easley, CEO of RTI. “From the thrill of skiing off a mountain, to standing on stage with your favorite band, to being on the field with a professional sports team, to covering ground with a reporter from a war zone, audiences can experience everything. Viewers will be immersed in video in completely unique and individually controllable ways.”

It’s interesting to see Samsung partner with another 360 degree video company given that it has its own camera, Project Beyond, coming for Gear VR.  VRFocus will continue to follow any and all updates surrounding Gear VR, reporting back with any further updates.