Raiders Sphere 4th Passes Greenlight Campaign

Late last year indie developer Rectangle launched a Steam Greenlight campaign for Raiders Sphere 4th, a Japanese flight simulation title that takes inspiration from the likes of the Ace Combat series. The experience looks to fill a gap that has been left in the flight genre in recent years. Just over a month on and the videogame has now passed that campaign, meaning it will see a full launch on Valve’s digital PC with virtual reality (VR) support using the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD).


Set in the distant future, Raiders Sphere 4th depicts a universe in which humanity has finally managed to establish life on the planet of Venus. Players are cast as an ace pilot known as Sonic Venus, who is searching for her missing father. Players will carry out the search by piloting a variety of craft across large urban areas, over enormous oceans and more as they uncover a plot that goes beyond family heritage. It won’t be long before players are fighting off enemies using a variety of weapons.

Rectangle has previously reasoned that the actual development of Raiders Sphere 4th would be finished within ‘the next few weeks’, although it’s not clear if that means launch is imminent now that the Greenlight campaign has successfully been completed. The title is also expected to support other 3D displays alongside the Oculus Rift, though there’s no word on if this could include other HMDs. VRFocus will continue to follow Raiders Sphere 4th, reporting back with any further updates on the title’s development.