NightTime Terrors Gets Release Trailer

VRBits released it’s virtual reality (VR) videogame NightTime Terrors this week. In the title players will be inside of a child’s nightmare in which players have to fend off hordes of twisted nightmare toys with an array of weapons. The videogame is compatible with the Oculus Rift second development kit (DK2) head-mounted display (HMD). Following the release, a trailer was unveiled.

In the trailer below, players will see some of the different enemies moving toward the character’s avatar, who then fires a rocket at them. Then there is a montage of how to defeat the enemies with the use of different weapons including a tommy gun, shotgun, rocket launcher and a minigun. Also people can get an idea of the enemies resilience to damage. The different maps also show being able get above the enemies as well as moving around obstacles.

NightTime Terrors pits players against a horde of toys twisted by a child’s nightmare. It is the players goal to fend them off by getting pick-ups and other weapons to increase damage to the toys. The top down shooter allows users to get different views on the fight to better anticipate enemy movements.

People can find the videogame on NightTime Terrors web site for $7.99 USD. VRFocus will you updated on all VR content.