Motorsport Revolution Gets Launch Trailer

Indie videogame studio Ghost Machine released it’s new virtual reality (VR) racing title Motorsport Revolution this week. With its release the company unveiled a launch trailer. The videogame is compatible with Oculus Rift’s head-mounted display (HMD) , the development kit 2 (DK2).

Motorsport Revolution’s career mode involves the player racing on tracks from all over the world. Each car will have its own performance style and statistics so it is important to select the right car for the track. Those who have never played racing games before or are inexperienced can select to have a driving line so that you can see the quickest way around the track.

In the trailer below you can see the game being played from both first and third person perspectives. You can also get an idea of how car destruction will work by the debris left on the track. Physics also plays a big part as cars are seen spinning out, as well as the way the cars handle around corners.

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