Monstrum Gets New Art Update

Earlier this week, Team JunkFish unveiled a new art update for virtual reality (VR) title Monstrum. The videogame, which is supported by Oculus Rift’s development kit 2 (DK2), is a horror in which the player must escape a ship while trying to avoid the monsters in pursuit.

Monstrum has a randomly procedurally generated layout which means when you die in game, the layout will change. This is the same for the monsters pursuing you as they change which will force the player to tackle the game differently. The goal of the title is simple escape from the ship. To do this you have to find the destroyed escape routes and repair them, but if you get caught trying to escape, the creature will destroy it. Inevitably it means that the player will have to find another way.

In the trailer below you can see that more room geometry was added to increase variation. Next you see that there are more windows on the ship as the character can see out on the deck or sea. It states that the life raft escape assets have been polished as he pulls the material up from the side of the deck. Lighting has also been added and overhauled throughout different areas. Rooms are also designed better for their function.

Monstrum is soon to be available on Early Access on the 29th January 2015. VRFocus will keep you updated on the progress of Monstrum.