Jason Rubin compares VR to Facebook and Zynga

The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has started with in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Unlike other CES events it has gained a lot of attention based on its wide array of virtual reality (VR) devices present. VR enthusiasts should check out the panel consisting of analyst Michael Pachter and AMD Chief gaming scientist Richard Huddy. However, the key panel member is Oculus VR’s Head of Studios and founder of Naughty Dog Jason Rubin. During theses talks Rubin stated that he believed VR to be similar to Facebook, Zynga and Rovio.

During the panel Jason Rubin was asked: “What do you look for in the teams that come to VR?”  In his reply Rubin stated that he thought VR is similar to companies like Facebook, Zynga and Rovio. He meant this in the same way Facebook embodies social media, VR will have a similar rising company which ’embraces VR wholly’.


Rubin then went on to discuss the excitement of developers ‘figuring it all out’. This is what excites him the most. The fact that VR is still young and people are trying to make it work. Rubin proposed that ‘figuring’ it all out is difficult as he states:  “I truly believe that this is one of those fundamental changes that is not easy, there are challenges to overcome… but they will get it, I’m confident of that.” Concluding his answer Rubin proposes: “Somebody is going to make a lot of money… You could be the Carmack of VR.” 

CES has only just started, with Crescent Bay being at the event with all new audio features. VRFocus is at the show and will keep you updated on all the VR information coming out of CES.