Final Strike Releases New Trailer

Previously VRFocus reported on Ghost Machine’s Final Strike Steam Greenlight Campaign. After it was announced, a trailer was released. Virtual reality (VR) videogame Final Strike is a flight combat title which allows the player to fight against alien invaders. The title is set to be compatible with Oculus Rifts head-mounted display (HMD).

In the trailer below, players can get a good idea of what the videogame will entail in terms of combat. The first person perspective fully immerses players within the barrage of enemies which are shown cascading out of the mothership. Also, there is a lock-on system which players can use to make it easier to bring down enemy fighters. Jets in the game have two main weapons to dispatch enemies, the first being missiles which are able to lock on, the second being machine guns.

Ghost Machine describes Final Strike to be reminiscent of 80’s films like Top Gun as well as old alien films like Independence Day. Its goal is to help users recreate epic moments from these films. The first person perspective is intended to make players feel like fighter pilots with VR integration also allows for more depth.

VRFocus will keep you updated on the progress of Final Strike’s Greenlight campaign.