The Corridor: On Behalf of the Dead Greenlit on Steam

Last year Indie developer Desktop Daydreams started its Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaign which ended a month later when the suffered a crushing defeat. The company failed to reach their £37,000 target. However now it has surfaced that The Corridor: On Behalf of the Dead has been Greenlit for Steam on release.

After failing to raise £37,000 Desktop Daydreams stated that they were still very much keen on completing the game, regardless of the lack of funding. The team has even gone as far as to state on Steam ‘We’re alive and still here‘. It had surfaced that the developers had been secretly working hard on the game. Though the funds were not secured, the developers were keen enough to release screenshots and give updates on the games progress.


Now that it has been greenlit on Steam Desktop Daydreams posted on Steam a thank the community for all the support “What can we say! A huge thank you to all the thousands of people who voted for the game!” . A new look at atmospheric horror, The Corridor: On Behalf of the Dead puts people into the twisted minds of murderers. This complete virtual reality(VR) experience subjects players to solve murders within the minds of the killer.

Since The Corridor: On Behalf of the Dead has been greenlit Desktop Daydreams has stated that they expect to give updates within the new year. There is no news yet on a release date, however the videogame is expected to release with Oculus Rift compatibility. VRFocus will continue to keep you updated on the progress of The Corridor: On Behalf of the Dead.