Cmoar screenshots for Roller Coaster VR

Last week VRFocus featured an article on Cmoar’s new virtual reality (VR) experience Cmoar Roller Coaster VR. This title is available for Android via Google Play and uses the Google Cardboard head-mounted display (HMD). Now some new screenshots of the experience have arrived, which can be seen below.

Roller Coaster VR takes the players on a 4 minute thrill ride as the player rides the roller coaster.  This journey will take the players through several different locations. The player has no controls and is only asked to observe and enjoy the unique VR experience.

As seen in the Cmoar screenshots below, the ride takes you through dangerous dragon infested lands as well as what looks like abandoned mine shafts. Roller Coaster VR is now available for Android via Google play, though the developer is also keen to work on a Gear VR version. VRFocus will continue to follow the developer’s work, reporting back with any further updates.

CmoarCoaster1 CmoarCoaster2 CmoarCoaster3 CmoarCoaster4 CmoarCoaster5 CmoarCoaster6 CmoarCoaster7 CmoarCoaster8