Blood Mine Now Available on Oculus VR Share

Recently was the release of Oculus VR Share horror title Blood Mine. The players goal is to go through an abandoned dark mineshaft to pick up all of the golden nuggets. The title is compatible with Oculus Rift’s virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) the development kit 2 (DK2).

The title is more of an atmospheric horror videogame and features making your way through a mineshaft to collect golden nuggets. Making your way through the area, you can see ghosts as well as hear noises intended to scare the player. Using the DK2 is expected to create a sense of immersion and make the player feel a lot more enclosed.

Blood Mine

The description on Oculus VR Share set the scene for the Blood Mine: “During night you wake up on a abandoned place in the woods. Birds are singing and some butterflies fly around. In the near a mysterious entry to an old mine appears. You are lucky, there are some gold nuggets lying in the grass. Are there some more hidden in the mine? You are hesitant and undetermined, but finally you enter curiously the black hole in the mountain.”

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