12 Days of VR Gaming – Day 12: Radial-G

The holiday season is upon us and many of VRFocus‘ readers will be eager to spend much of their time travelling to worlds beyond their own daily grind. To that end, over the next 12 days VRFocus will be bringing some top picks of the virtual reality (VR) scene that you can download and play right now on either the Oculus Rift development kits or the Gear VR.

Until someone creates a VR experience that casts players as a phoenix rising from the ashes, you can read the story of Tammeka Games’ Radial-G to get a taste of what that might feel like. This sci-fi racer was easily one of the most championed Kickstarter crowd-funding campaigns of 2014, quickly gathering support from the VR community and even the attention of big names such as Oculus Rift designer Palmer Luckey and Sony Computer Entertainment’s Shuhei Yoshida. Sadly, despite the near-heroic efforts from the developer, the campaign fell short.


Fortunately, Radial-G‘s tale doesn’t end there. A short while after the campaign’s closure it was announced that the developer had secured funding to release on Steam, where it now exists as an Early Access release. It’s a thrilling sci-fi experience in which players compete in ferocious races on tubular tracks that offer a full 360 degrees of control. With a number of modes and multiplayer support on board, this pre-release version is well worth your time.

“Award-winning ‘Radial-G : Racing Revolved’ offers a highly polished slice of VR gaming, showcasing what is possible with games developed with VR in mind from the ground up. Offering three tracks initially, with three individual race craft to pilot against 15 AI or human opponents, buckle up for the fastest, most fun VR experience to date. Supporting the latest Oculus runtime (0.4.4) for buttery smooth Direct-to-Rift mode, tear up the track with thumping beats to satisfy all your sci-fi, arcade racing needs.”


Radial-G is available with support for Oculus Rift DK1 and DK2 over on Steam. It’s the final entry in this year’s 12 Days of VR Gaming series; let’s hope 2015 brings plenty more VR videogames to compete for next year’s list.