Cityscape- Bar Scene Now Available on Oculus Share

New title to Oculus VR Share is Cityscape – Bar Scene. Developed by Peter James Fisher, the title has a similar style to his other videogame which experimented with Leap Motion hand tracking. The title is compatible with the Oculus Rift second development kit (DK2) head-mounted display (HMD).

The bar is set in a futuristic Asian environment with a lot of neon lights and surreal objects scattered around the player. The videogame asks the player to simply relax and look around the futuristic looking bar. Currently there is no interaction necessary. Cityscape 3Djam is another title created during a 3D game jam. The title takes people through a lot of strange environments similar to those seen in Cityscape – Bar Scene. The goal was simply to get through certain areas where the player is required to use their hands to overcome obstacles including pushing buttons, and moving objects out the way.


On Peter James Fisher’s website people can see the different VR titles he has worked on. VRFocus will keep you updated on the latest VR content.