Rumour Suggests Microsoft VR Kit to Be Revealed E3 2015

As 2014 draws to a close there are currently three big virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMD) coming from high-profile companies. The first is obviously the Oculus Rift PC HMD, the device from Oculus VR that’s leading the charge for the technology’s revival. Then there’s Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE) Project Morpheus for PlayStation 4 and Samsung’s smartphone-based Gear VR, made with the help of Oculus VR. Now fresh reports have suggested that Microsoft will be revealing its long-rumoured HMD in 2015.


The rumour comes from Digitimes, which cites sources ‘from the upstream supply chain’ in saying that Microsoft will reveal its very own entry into the VR space at E3 2015, one of the videogame industry’s biggest events that next year runs on 16th – 18th June. According to the site, the device is currently being worked on by Microsoft’s hardware team, which is also responsible for the company’s Surface tablet. Further details were not provided, though an E3 reveal would suggest that the HMD would possibly work with the company’s Xbox One console, which will likely have its usual spotlight at a press conference at the beginning of the show. It’s even suggested such a device could release next year too.

Rumours about Microsoft’s entry into the VR space have been plentiful throughout 2014. VRFocus has covered patents that point to a HMD that mixes both VR and augmented reality (AR) in the past, while reports springing from tech start up group FOVE have suggested that the company is interested in an Xbox One HMD that boasts eye-tracking, something yet to be seen in other HMDs. The company’s Phil Spencer has in the past confirmed that Microsoft has been working in the VR space for ‘a while’, but hasn’t provided any details on when it might reveal its work.

Recently Microsoft revealed another unique new technology in RoomAlive, which turns the user’s room into its own virtual environment. VRFocus will continue to follow the company’s work with the technology very closely, reporting back with any further updates on it.