360 Degree Video Sharing Platform Littlstar Getting Gear VR App This Month

In the past few weeks VRFocus has reported on two upcoming video sharing platforms that focus on 360 degree and panoramic content that can be viewed using the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) among other devices. Both vcemo and vyuu, as they’re called, appeared to be the first of their kind, hoping to become the Youtube of 360 degree content. As it turns out there is another service that’s already in Beta testing and set to launch its first app this week. That service is Littlstar.


Like the aforementioned services, Littlstar is planning to be an open platform for anyone producing immersive 360 degree content, showcasing work from filmmakers around the world as well as user-generated content. Crucially the company plans to provide developer tools and APIs to aid those creating 360 degree videos. The hope is that this service will unite the currently fragmented landscape of content by becoming the defining platform to upload and view this immersive content with.

Littlstar recently confirmed to VRFocus that its mobile app is set to launch later this week on 5th December 2014 and include support for Samsung’s Gear VR smartphone-based HMD, which is due to release in the USA this month. It’s not clear if this means the app itself will be available through the Oculus Home storefront come Gear VR’s full launch or if it will be acquired through the standard Google Play store on the Android operating system (OS). Support for iOS with iPhones is also expected to arrive.

The platform’s API is already available and visiting the official website will present a form in which those interested can enter an email address to join Littlstar’s ongoing beta. A specific date for when the desktop app will arrive is yet to be revealed. VRFocus will continue to follow any and all applications of VR, reporting back with all of the latest updates.