12 Days of VR Gaming – Day 2: Verde Station

The holiday season is upon us and many of VRFocus‘ readers will be eager to spend much of their time travelling to worlds beyond their own daily grind. To that end, over the next 12 days VRFocus will be bringing some top picks of the virtual reality (VR) scene that you can download and play right now on either the Oculus Rift development kits or the Gear VR.

Steam Greenlight isn’t the most immediate service in the videogame industry. As a platform for indie developers to try and get their titles onto Valve’s popular digital store via community votes, it can take months if not years for some submissions to gain approval, let alone then go ahead and fully release. Duelboot games has bucked that trend, having launched and passed a campaign for its story-driven VR title, Verde Station in July 2014 and following that up with both Early Access and full releases before year’s end.


Verde Station is a compelling exploration title that throws out puzzles and mechanics in favour of telling an engrossing story. Players start the experience at the beginning of a year-long mission to take care of the titular space station. It’s not long before the isolation starts to creep in and the player’s character starts to question their own sanity.

Verde Station has been designed from the very beginning with VR in mind,” the developer’s Soren Silkenson explains. “Not only the environment and user interface but also the exploration based gameplay. Set on a space station during a year-long solo mission it constantly keeps you questioning what’s happening around you. The answers that you begin to find are even more compelling when you feel you’re in this world.”


Verde Station is available now via Steam, although fans should take note that support for the Oculus Rift is yet to be added. The developer is currently working hard to ensure that integration is top notch and hopes to patch in the support in the near future. It’s VRFocus‘ second entry in this 12 Days of VR Gaming series, be sure to check back every day for the next title on the list!