VR vs. Samsung Developer Conference 2014

2014 may be drawing to a close but there’s still at least one more virtual reality (VR) event that fans should keep an eye on. This week sees the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) take place from 11th – 13th November in San Francisco, California. The company will use the event to host a range of talks and sessions on creating for its wide range of products. Of course, this includes the much anticipated Gear VR, a smartphone-based head-mounted display (HMD) created in partnership with Oculus VR itself. Just what can VR fans expect from the event?


VRFocus has already detailed the many different VR sessions to take place during SDC, most of which will be held on 12th November. Many of these will detail various aspects of developing for Gear VR, and fans should pay particular attention to ‘Getting Started with the Oculus Mobile SDK’ starting at 15:00 PDT. Another talk from Henry Fuchs, Federico Gil Distinguished Professor titled ‘Virtual Reality and Telepresence: 50 Years from Dreams to Reality’ takes place at 16:00 on November 13th and is sure to be an insightful look into the technology’s history.

In terms of announcements, Samsung is remaining tight-lipped on what might be revealed at the show. Of course, there is one question on every VR fan’s mind at the moment; when is the device actually coming out? At its reveal in September 2014 the company seemed confident that the HMD would release the following month. Obviously that hasn’t happened, and the company hasn’t provided anything in the way of an update as to when consumers will finally be able to get their hands on the kit. All that’s been confirmed since reveal is that the kit will release with a free store initially, though even this is yet to be fully detailed.

Of course, we can expect both hardware and software developers to be showing their work at the show. Sixense has already confirmed that it will be showcasing its STEM motion controller system working with Gear VR at the show, offering low latency positional tracking. And it’s also entirely possible that any one of the many, many apps and videogames announced for Gear VR since its reveal will be present.

All told then, SDC 2014 looks like it will be a fruitful event for Gear VR. Even if release details aren’t shared at the event developers should walk away with a better grasp on developing for the device. In the long run, that’s more beneficial than any kind of release announcement. VRFocus will be at SDC 2014 to bring you all the latest updates from the event.

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