Solar System Launches for Oculus Rift

Space is an understandably popular destination for virtual reality (VR) experiences. Upcoming VR titles such as Cosmonaut seek capitalise on the tense atmosphere that the unending darkness and ever silent surroundings provide. Other titles seek to provide an informative experience that educates players on space and lets them explore its depths without worrying about Gravity-style cliffhangers and dangers. Solar System from indie developer Scott Wilson falls into this latter category.


Solar System lets players relax as they observe a selection of planets including Earth, Mars and Jupiter. Compatible with the Oculus Rift head-mounted display’s (HMD) second development kit (DK2), it’s the developer’s aim to make sure that players do not feel motion sickness while exploring Solar System. For now it’s an extremely simple piece, although Wilson does hope to update it with player movement and more later down the line.

The title is currently available to download for free over on the official Oculus VR Share Beta, and is compatible with PCs. Possible Mac and Linux versions of the experience are yet to be revealed. VRFocus will continue to follow any and all VR applications, reporting back with any further updates on them.