Ocean Rift Aiming to Launch With Gear VR

One of the many virtual reality (VR) videogames announced for Samsung’s Gear VR smartphone-based head-mounted display (HMD) at its reveal earlier this year was Ocean Rift from indie developer and Bangor University Lecturer Dr Llyr ap Cenydd. The title had already been revealed for the Oculus Rift HMD on PC, but now appears to be launching first on Samsung’s device. In fact the developer has recently revealed that he is looking to release Ocean Rift as a launch title for Gear VR.


As the name suggests, Ocean Rift is an underwater experience in which players can meet various aquatic creatures up close. Though players are given free reign to explore, a menu will let them warp to certain areas to see dolphins, turtles, sea snakes, rays, sharks, whales and even some extinct prehistoric species. Locations ranges from the likes of shipwrecks and reefs to even the fabled lost city of Atlantis.

Ocean Rift started as an experiment to see how far I could take emerging virtual reality technology to make someone feel like they are underwater,” Cenydd explained. “The Gear VR version takes things much further – you can swim with a pod of dolphins, stand in a cage surrounded by Great White Sharks and even swim with creatures that are long extinct. It’s been an amazing experience working with this cutting edge technology and I can’t wait for people to try it.”

It’s not clear just how Ocean Rift will launch for Gear VR. It’s thought that the HMD will be launching with a free store only, adding support for premium products later on. If this is indeed the case then it could be that Cenydd launches a free demo for the title before the premium store’s launch if he isn’t planning to give away the entire title. VRFocus will continue to follow Ocean Rift‘s development leading up to launch, reporting back with all the latest updates.