Framestore Working with Magic Leap to Create New Brian Cox Show

Having secured some $542 million USD in funding earlier in the year, new company Magic Leap has already caused a stir even without revealing the technology that it says will ‘transcend‘ virtual reality (VR). In the past it has been teased that the system will project virtual images to the user’s eye, but it’s yet to be revealed if this will take the form of a head-mounted display (HMD). More details on the kit will arrive next year however as it has been revealed that Framestore, the special effects studio that has worked on the likes of Gravity, is using Magic Leap to create a new show with TV physicist Brain Cox.


As BBC reports, Framestore, Magic Leap, Cox and director Kevin Macdonald will be working together to produce the show, named The Age of Starlight, which will debut at the Manchester International Festival in Manchester, UK in July 2015. The show will tell the story of the universe in a way not yet seen. “It’s the premiere of a technology that allows you to put digital images into your field of vision directly,” Cox said of Magic Leap. “I saw the prototype in Miami a few months ago and it’s stunning.

“It is going to be transformative technology, there’s no doubt about that.”

It remains to be seen just how relevant Magic Leap will be to the VR space. Despite the company’s references to the technology in the past, what’s been shown of Magic Leap so far suggests that it’s closer to augmented reality (AR) than VR. Earlier this month Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe said that his company doesn’t see the likes of Magic Leap as ‘directly competitive’, noting the differences between the technology.

Framestore itself has worked on several VR projects, including Game of Thrones: Ascend the Wall. The company is expected to reveal another such project this month, although it’s not clear if that is intended to be this Magic Leap show.

VRFocus will continue to follow Magic Leap, reporting back with any further updates on the technology.