Framestore and Volvo unveil Google Cardboard VR Experience

Last month VRFocus reported on visual effects studio Framestore teasing that it had two new ‘epic’ projects to reveal in November 2014. It appears as if the company, which created the Game of Thrones: Ascend the Wall experience, has now revealed one of those projects in partnership with Swedish automobile manufacturer, Volo. However this new experience doesn’t utilise the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) like past Framestore projects, but rather uses the Google Cardboard smartphone-based HMD.


As Mashable reports, the new experience is designed to promote Volvo’s new XC90, giving users a three-minute test ride. It will be available to try out at the Los Angeles Auto Show on 21st – 30th November as well as at Volvo dealers. Volvo reasons that the company opted for Google Cardboard over the Oculus Rift as it is more accessible than the PC HMD. The former allows users to place their smartphone against a pair of lenses housed inside the HMD to view VR experiences untethered while the latter requires a wired connection to a PC and positional tracking set up.

There’s currently no word on if these experiences could be released on app stores for Google Cardboard owners to sample. Interestingly the images that were posted with the teases of the new projects seem to relate to their content. One of the images, for example, is of a tyre, suggesting that this was the Volo experience. The other pictures a dove. Does this provide a new hint as to what the company’s other unrevealed project is? VRFocus will continue to follow Framestore’s work in VR, reporting back with any further news and updates.