Ceek to Host VR Concerts with Annex Telecom

News about Next Galaxy’s upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible social platform Ceek continues to arrive in bits and pieces, providing a better idea of just how the platform will work with each passing update. It was recently revealed that Ceek‘s Beta will launch around late November 2014. Now the company has announced a new partnership with South Korean mobile virtual network operator Annex Telecom that will see Ceek host VR Concerts and more.


The two companies will be working together to both create and distribute VR concerts and other experiences on head-mounted displays (HMD) such as the Oculus Rift on PC and Samsung’s Gear VR smartphone-based device. Annex Telecom will be providing ‘celebrity talent affiliations’ to aid the production and marketing of this concept. The deal also give Annex Telecom exclusive Korean distribution rights to a bundle that will include an unspecified third-party VR HMD and Next Galaxy’s Ceekers VR audio headphones.

“We see a tremendous opportunity to expand our offerings and regional footprint with Virtual Reality content,” said Annex Telecom Chief Executive Officr Sung-kawng Moon. “It has become a prime directive of our company and we are excited by this partnership with Next Galaxy to execute our plan. Korea has embraced technology like no other, with e-sports and game clubs mainstream in our culture, commanding massive audiences. Virtual Reality is a hot button and we believe it is a catalyst for the next generation of entertainment.”

Specific details on these VR concerts, including participating artists, are yet to be announced. Ceek is looking to make a full launch in 2015. VRFocus will continue to follow the service, reporting back with any further updates.