The Black Glove Fails Kickstarter, Developer to ‘fight like hell’ to Stop Cancellation

After a month-long effort the Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for virtual reality (VR) compatible adventure title The Black Glove has sadly ended in failure. Indie developer Day For Night Games failed to hit its $550,000 USD goal for the videogame, instead raising $216,517 with the help of 5,961 backer. The campaign failed despite the inclusion of a PlayStation 4 version of The Black Glove and support for the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus VR head-mounted displays (HMD) being announced towards the end.


Writing in a Kickstarter update, the developer revealed what’s next for the title. “The short answer is that we mean to fight like hell to keep it from being cancelled,” the developer reasoned. “We believe in the game and you all have shown you do, too.” It reiterated that, up until now, The Black Glove has been entirely funded by its development team and didn’t have an investor or publisher to back it up. The goal was specifically set as the minimum the developer needed to ensure it could self-publish the title.

“But, we’re pursuing all options,” the developer continued. “We’re beginning to talk to all the publishers who have reached out over the last few weeks. We have a few other ideas, as well.

“It may be weeks or months before we have news to report, but we intend to be back with more as soon as possible.”  The developer signed off by encouraging fans to head to the title’s official website in order to keep up to date with all future progress with the title.

The Black Glove is a first-person adventure experience in which players are cast as the curator of a strange 1920’s theatre named The Equinox. Players explore the theatre and its insane artists, using a powerful black glove with supernatural abilities. The title’s developer is partly comprised of people that have worked on the famous BioShock series. Last week BioShock creator Ken Levine even gave his own support towards the campaign.

VRFocus will continue to follow The Black Glove, reporting back with any further updates on the title’s development.