YouVisit Adds Google Cardboard to Virtual Reality Campus Tours

Companies are only just starting to realise virtual reality (VR) technology’s potential to transport users to other places. This week sees virtual tour outlet YouVisit expand on its own unique VR initative. The company has previously offered students trying to choose a college to study at a virtual campus tour using the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD). This week it adds Google’s Cardboard VR smartphone-based HMD to that concept.


On smartphone, these tours can be viewed on a device running either iOS8 or at least Android 4.1 using either a standard Cardboard HMD or YouVisit’s own ‘Tour Box’ HMD. The company recommends using larger smartphones sushc as the Nexus or Galaxy handsets for the best effect.

Utilising smartphone VR for virtual campus tours makes sense givent hat many students looking for a place to study likely won’t own an Oculus Rift while it remains in development kit form. The example the company itself gives is set at Dartmouth College, allowing users to quickly strap on an HMD and look around the site, focusing on different coloured pins to move around the area.

YouVisit certainly seems to be on to something with this approach to virtual tours. VRFocus will continue to follow the company, reporting back with any more VR-related developments.