Qualcomm Commit to VR Development With VR Vuforia SDK

Last month Samsung and Oculus VR brought the mobile virtual reality (VR) into the spotlight with the reveal of Gear VR, a new head-mounted display (HMD) that works with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 smartphone. The two companies turned the concept of unteathered VR into a serious proposition pratically overnight, and phone computing company Qualcomm clearly took noticed. Not only does Qualcomm power the Galaxy Note 4 with its Snapdragon 805 processor, but the company has announced a new software development kit (SDK) to incorporate VR into new apps.

The Qualcomm Vuforia for Digital Eyewear SDK builds open the original Qualcomm Vuforia mobile vision platform, which was squarley focused on enabling augmeneted reality (AR) for mobile development. The new SDK actually combines the two, using the camera fitted to the Galaxy Note 4, housed within the Gear VR, as a follow-through device to create even more convincing AR experiences. The SDK can be seen in action in an official video below.

Of course, VR HMDs aren’t the only compatible technology with the new SDK; it’s also designed for use with smartglasses. Its uses expand outside of videogames, with the video showing an SDK-created tutorial showing users where to plug in certain wires in machines and more. In essence, this is using VR to bolster AR, which by itself can be dependent on factors that can easily disrupt the experience. All told, it should open up the range of apps that will be possible on the likes of Gear VR from strictly VR experiences.

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