Make it a (Virtual) Reality: Another World

Virtual reality (VR) fans narrowly missed out on the chance to see adventure videogame legend Paul Cuisset work with virtual reality (VR) earlier this year as the developer’s Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming Subject 13 failed to hit a stretch goal for Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) support. That’s certainly a shame, as the imaginative worlds the developer has created in the past certainly deserve to be realised in VR. Nowhere is that more evident than in Another World.


Also known as Out of This World, this 1991 classic set the bar for adventure videogames, proving to be a sort of 2D playable movie long before Nathan Drake stole the show. It’s a two-hour thrill ride of daring leaps, last-minute saves and huge explosions and is well worth rediscovering through any of the various anniversary editions made available over the past few years.

In VR, Another World could come to life like never before. From the terrifying opening in which the player protagonist is ripped from earth and dumped straight into an alien environment to the climactic finally in which player dodge laser fire as they search for a means of escape, there are countless moments that deserve to be reimagined for modern day technology. Not to mention smoothing out some of the original’s issues at the same time.

This is a title with locations that are dying to be explored with the kind of detail that VR provides. Caves that tunnel deep below the surface, labyrinthine enemy fortresses dotted with guard patrols and enemies that double the player in height. Bringing this all to VR perhaps with a new first-person perspective would update bring the title to a new age and a new audience, enhancing its cinematic feel and possibly expanding on its admittedly straightforward gameplay.

Perhaps the answer relies in revisitation instead of reimagination. Another World comes and goes without so much as a whisper from any of its characters or an exploration of exactly what planet the player is on. A new title in which fans could discover these secrets and do justice to the original’s blend of action would certainly be welcome.

More than anything, Another World is the kind of straight up thrill ride that many have dreamed of being able to replicate in VR. As many argue is the original title has withstood the test of time perhaps fans could enhance its legacy with a VR adaption.