Elite: Dangerous Beta 2.06 Now Live

In the seemingly never-ending chain of updates for the highly anticipated Elite: Dangerous, UK development studio has just announced that the latest build is now available to download. Still in beta, this build is known as 2.06, and is available to all beta programme participants now.


Elite: Dangerous 2.06 is the second iteration of the videogame this month, following the release of Elite: Dangerous 2.05 just last week. This latest edition includes a number of small fixes for NPCs and ship docking, amongst other in-game features, as well as a few server-side updates. The full list change log for 2.06, direct from Frontier themselves, can be seen below:


– Ensure correct flag set when there are repeated authority transfers
– When starting docked, start in your own island
– Prevent ambient NPCs spawning before player is ready
– Tighten key and seed generation flow
– Add thread locks to protect against threading issues on server
– Additional docking logging
– Increment network protocol version


– After the weekend’s excellent testing, we’ve made some more performance improvements to the Exploration Servers. In particular, the Universal Cartographics shop should respond more quickly.
– Fixed a softlock whenever a Commander purchased a different ship.

Despite it’s beta status Elite: Dangerous is a hugely popular videogame. It’s compatibility with the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) devices are a significant selling point and the constantly improving support has made Frontier favourites among the VR community. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Elite: Dangerous and other VR titles from Frontier.