Date Set for First East Anglia VR Meetup

Virtual reality (VR) Meetups have become a huge part of the VR community’s evangelism over the past two years. While various groups are now scattered throughout the US, the UK has seen a few Meetups of its own in 2014. This week has seen another one announced by InnerRift owner Andrew Wood, located in East Anglia. A specific venue is yet to be confirmed, but at least a solid date has now been set.


The first East Anglia VR Meetup has been announced for 15th November 2014 in Ipswich with times currently set between 14:00 and 17:00. Specific demos are yet to be announced, although developers are free to contact Wood about showcasing their VR products. As Wood states: “the more people who can demo the better”. Those interested in attending can currently RSVP through the group’s official Meetup page.

This Meetup joins the likes of the Inition VR, Bossa Studios, Bristol and Brighton VR Meetups in providing a roof for the VR community to gather and discuss the technology as well as showcase their latest work. VRFocus will continue to follow each and every VR Meetup, reporting back with all of the latest updates.