VRog Casts Players as a Frog, Gets Demo

Virtual reality (VR) videogames are giving players the chance to become entirely new people in new worlds, but what about animals? While Farjay Studios continues to remain tight-lipped about Oculus Rift VR head-mounted display (HMD) support for its upcoming Bear Simulator, there aren’t many other titles that let players control creatures. That changes somewhat this week with the launch of a demo version of VRog, in which players control a frog.


VRog is from indie developer Byte Rockers’ Games. It is a first-person experience in which players scour environments looking for flies to consume with their elongated tongue, which can be fired at will. In the demo players can work against the clock in Arcade Mode, with a Survival Mode in which the frog must escape a stork also planned for the full release. Neither option requires any additional form of control; the entire videogame can be played using just the Oculus Rift itself.

The full version of the title will also boast an online ranking system in which players can compete for high scores. Consuming more insects in a smaller amount of time will build up a combo meter for more points. The experience boasts a colourful art style set in a pond, and players can even inspect their new body by looking in a mirror located next to the leader boards.

The demo for VRog features support for both the second and first development kits (DK1 and DK2) for the Oculus Rift, having been developed using Oculus VR’s 0.4.1 version of the software development kit (SDK). The demo can currently be downloaded for free over on the official Oculus VR Share Beta on PC as well as it title’s own website. The full version is expected to release ‘soon’, though there isn’t a specific date just yet. VRFocus will continue to follow the title going forward, reporting back with any further updates on its development.