Time Rifters Gets DK2 Compatible Demo

Many indie developers use Oculus VR’s Oculus Share platform as an easy way to show off side-projects and share early work. Others such utilise the software portal as a way of distributing demos and building awareness for upcoming full virtual reality (VR) compatible videogames. Indie developer Proton Studio falls into the latter category with its release of a small section of its Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) compatible first-person shooter (FPS), Time Rifters.


Time Rifters is described by its developer as a single player co-op shooter in which players have four lives to defeat as many enemies as possible within an arena. When the player respawns from death they will be joined by ‘replays’ of their previous lives, similar to ghost vehicles in racing titles. Asynchronous multiplayer is even included, with layers downloading their friends’ recordings to help them in combat. The full title is expected to include three different episodes, each with five different arenas.

While a Steam page for Time Rifters is already up and running, its release date is simply listed as ‘coming soon’ with no further details beyond that. When it does launch, it will include six upgradeable weapons, leaderboards and more. For now, the demo supports the Oculus Rift’s second development kit (DK2) as well as multiple control schemes such as using the HMD’s head-tracking to aim. VRFocus will continue to follow Time Rifters going forward, reporting back with any further updates on its progress.