Preview: Ruin & The Maze Runner for Gear VR

Ruin and the Maze Runner are two different motion-picture productions presented in a similar fashion on Gear VR. These passive presentations further the idea of Gear VR as a new vision for media consumption not just limited to videogames, but rather video as well, all dressed-up with a unique design inspired by the former to enhance the latter. Both Ruin and The Maze Runner were showcased in a version of the Oculus Cinema seen in IMAX: Admit One, and yet each had something unique about their presentation.


Ruin was undoubtedly the more impressive of the two. Presented on three large virtual cinema screens, the motion-picture featured extensive CGI and an impressive visual design. Ruin is a still-in-production short movie from director Wes Ball, and here on Gear VR it was certainly impressive.

The sequence begins as two flying drones chase a biker through an open sewer featuring the beautified decay seen in the likes of Enslaved: An Odyssey to the West and The Last of Us. Crumbles stone wreckages of mankind’s former glory are now covered in new life as plants and vegetation grow wildly out of control. The action quickly moves into a dark tunnel, where our unnamed hero gets the better of his pursuers in spectacular fashion. There’s much more to Ruin of course, but little else that the team are ready to reveal at this point.

The Maze Runner, however, is a much more traditional promotional experience. Stopping just short of reeling out a stereoscopic 3D trailer, the Gear VR demo version instead showed a clip from the film where our heroes are in peril. It was hardly mind-blowing, but this is likely to be a product of the film itself rather than the virtual reality (VR) environment in which it was being shown. After all, with Ruin being so very impressive it’s easy to see why The Maze Runner could be something of a harsh comedown.

Much like the many of the experiences made available for Samsung’s Gear VR thus far, it’s not yet known whether Ruin and The Maze Runner will be made available to the public in this or any other form. We’re likely to here more on the potential software launches for Gear VR in the coming weeks, and VRFocus will be sure to keep you updated.