Oculus Connect Live Stream

Following some introductory sessions yesterday, Oculus Connect gets fully underway today at 09:30 PDT. The developer-focused conference is set to deliver a host of new virtual reality (VR) news as CEO Brendan Iribe takes to the stage for a keynote that kicks off a full day of talks, panels and presentations about the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD). You can watch each and every one in a live stream embedded below. The full schedule for the day can also be seen.

Take note that after The Future of VR panel at 14:15, three sessions take place at a time. It’s not clear what will occur with the live stream after this panel. VRFocus is at Oculus Connect and will be bringing you all the latest updates from the event. Keep checking back for any more news.

Watch live video from oculus on www.twitch.tv


09:30 PDT – Keynote By Brendan Iribe

10:30 PDT – Keynote by Michael Abrash

11:00 PDT – Break

11:30 PDT – Keynote by John Carmack

12:00 PDT – Demo Lounge Opens

13:00 PDT – Lunch

14:15 PDT – Keynote Panel: The Future of VR with Michael Abrash, Atman Binstock, John Carmack, Palmer Luckey and Nate Mitchell

15:30 PDT – Developing for the Rift DK2 with Volga Aksoy and Mike Antonov

15:30 PDT – Best Practices for VR Development with Tom Forsyth

15:30 PDT – Learnings from UE4 Engine Integration and Demos with Nick Whiting and Nick Donaldson

16:45 PDT – Learning from Lucky’s Tale with Paul Bettner and Dan Hurd

16:45 PDT – 360-Degree Filmmaking for Virtual Reality with Kamal Sinclair, Chris Milk, Paul Raphael and Ikrima Elhassan

16:45 PDT – Elevating Your VR with Tom Heath

18:00 PDT – Getting Started with Gear VR with Ryan Rutherford and Max Cohen

18:00 PDT – Introduction to Audio for Virtual Reality with Brian Hook

18:00 PDT – Film and Storytelling in VR with Robert Stromberg, Saschka Unseld, John Gaeta, Kim Libreri and Eugene Chung