Make it a (Virtual) Reality: Best of Mobile

Earlier this week the floodgates to mobile virtual reality (VR) opened as Samsung revealed its Gear VR head-mounted display (HMD), compatible with its new Galaxy Note 4 smartphone. A raft of developers have since come forward to confirm support for the device, including many that were already working with Oculus VR’s Oculus Rift HMD to some degree. Some are even porting beloved mobile classics to the new platform. This begs the question; what other mobile titles could come to VR?


There’s certainly no shortage of apps and videogames available for iOS, Windows Phone and the Galaxy Note 4’s Android to platform. Below are just a handful of titles that could make for an interesting conversion.

Space combat has proved a popular genre for VR technology thus far, with the likes of EVE: Valkyrie and Elite: Dangerous proving to be some of the more high profile titles in development. There’s no reason that mobile VR should miss out on this craze, and Fish Lab’s Galaxy on Fire 2 is the perfect outlet for it. If the developer could create an immersive cockpit VR experience for this title’s intense brand of dogfights, it could have something truly special.

By now, 2D titles have been proven to be more than compatible with VR. With that in mind, we see no reason why the hugely popular Plants vs Zombies wouldn’t fit in VR. Not only could the title be expanded using VR technology but it seems like an ideal fit for the hands-free control schemes that have recently emerged in other titles such as Nebulous and Vanguard V. We’re always looking for an excuse to play more Plants vs Zombies and VR could be a great reason.


If there’s a genre that’s currently proving to be truly innovative with VR it’s the puzzle genre. Titles such as Ethereon are starting to give an idea of how these titles could be transformed by a HMD, and what better a franchise to realise that potential than The Room? Fireproof Games’ popular puzzle series is bursting with innovations and a new entry with VR HMDs could prove to be the best rendition yet. The developer is even working on Gear VR with Omega Agent, so let’s hope this comes true in the near future.

Looking at more recent mobile sensations, it’s certainly interesting to think of how Flappy Bird might fit with VR. In fact the title’s long list of imitators following its removal from mobile stores even included Oculus Rift compatible takes. Using a first-person perspective to dodge obstacles could certainly prove entertaining.

These are just a handful of ideas that spring to mind now that Samsung has made mobile VR a major player within the industry. No doubt some of these ideas will come true in the future, but what else could we see? VRFocus will be here to cover each and every development and videogame for Gear VR, reporting back with all the latest.

‘Make it a (virtual) Reality’ is VRFocus’ weekly feature that takes the videogames we already know and love and looks at how virtual reality (VR) could enhance them. From retro classics to modern blockbusters, we examine the pros and cons of bringing a franchise to VR headsets.