Laserface Gets Beta Release for Oculus Rift

One of the the many superheroes that virtual reality (VR) fans would like to become using VR head-mounted displays (HMD) is Marvel’s mutant X-Men leader, Cyclops. With the ability to shoot energy beams from his eyes, head-tracking-based VR HMDs present a unique opportunity to assume the role of the character. Sadly Marvel itself is yet to fully capitalise on VR, although indie developer Smiff’s Laserface might be just what VR fans need to tide them over while they wait.

Laserface is a first-person shooter (FPS) in which players must try to blast as many enemies as possible using the Oculus Rift VR HMD’s head-tracking. The story casts players as the titular character that must defend Earth from the Craniacs, a race of flying skulls that litter the skies. The title is currently available in a Beta version for free over on the official Oculus VR Share Beta, and features support for both the first and second development kits (DK1 and DK2).

“Shoot lasers out of your face to destroy Craniacs and get points,” the developer explains in the title’s description. “Reach the point goal within the time limit to move onto the next round. Each round has different rules. There are only three rounds in this beta version. You’ll want to sit ~5 feet back from the camera for the best experience.”

It’s not clear when and how Laserface will see a full release. VRFocus will continue to follow the title going forward, reporting back with any further updates.