VR vs. PAX Prime 2014

With Gamescom 2014 now in the past it’s easy to forget that PAX Prime 2014 is right around the corner on 29th – 31st August 2014. The popular public convention, based in Seattle, Washington, isn’t known for its high-profile announcements so much as it is for allowing videogame fans hands-on time with the biggest releases and in-depth looks at their favourite titles. It’s an event more for the fans instead of the press, and thus represents a unique opportunity for many to experience virtual reality (VR) for the first time.


With Oculus Connect just weeks away now don’t expect anything in the way of big announcements from Oculus Rift VR head-mounted display (HMD) creator Oculus VR at PAX Prime. That said the company itself should have its own booth at the show. It’s not confirmed exactly what the company will be showing, though titles such as SUPERHOT and EVE: Valkyrie have proven to be mainstays at the company’s E3 and Gamescom booths; could they also be on display here?

Outside of Oculus VR itself you’ll undoubtedly be able to find various developers offering playable builds of their title with the Oculus Rift scattered around the show floor. The Indie Megabooth, which has in the past been a staple fixture on the show floor, will be showing off a handful of VR supported titles in the form of Darknet, Enemy Starfighter and XING: The Land Beyond. A tabletop area will also be showcasing Tabletop Simulator, though its unconfirmed if this will be in VR.

As for Project Moprheus on PlayStation 4? Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) is yet to confirm its plans for the show, let alone with it will be bringing its own VR HMD. The device did get public hands-on time at Gamescom 2014 earlier this month, but we’ll likely have to wait until the show floor opens to see if it’s made the journey to Seattle.


Of course, PAX also hosts a range of panels for fans to attend and VR enthusiasts should keep an eye out for the ‘A History of VR: Haven’t We Been Here Before?’ panel on Friday 29th August 17:00 PDT, discussing past attempts at bringing VR to the mainstream market and even including hands-on with older VR HMDs.

PAX Prime isn’t set to be a huge show for VR, then, but enthusiasts are likely still counting down the days until Oculus Connect starts on 19th September 2014. VRFocus will be at PAX Prime to bring you all the latest updates on VR titles.

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