Unreal Engine 4.4.1 Updates Oculus Rift Compatibility

Epic Games have long been supports of virtual reality (VR) and the development community’s efforts to progress the software coming to various head-mounted displays (HMDs). The latest hotfix for Unreal Engine 4 addresses that directly, with an update offered to those currently working with Oculus Rift HMDs.

The hotfix, available now, offers a number of improvements for both Mac and Windows format PCs. These include a number of crash fixes, an error that interfered with Mouse Handling in the Mac edition and, of course, that all important Oculus Rift support update. Unreal Engine 4 now includes compatibility with the Oculus 0.4.1 Beta SDK as standard, thanks to the Unreal Engine 4.4.1 hotfix.


Applying the hotfix is a simple process, as highlighted by Adam Davis, Unreal Engine Support Technician, on the official Unreal Engine forums:

To access the Hotfix Preview for Windows:

Right click your launcher shortcut and go to properties, in the “Target” section, add this applabel to the end of the target after the quotationmarks:


For Mac, open the terminal.app and type in:

open /Applications/Unreal Engine.app –args -Applabel=Production-4.4.1HotfixPreview

Unreal Engine 4 features integrated support for the PlayStation 4’s Project Morpheus as well as Oculus Rift HMDs, and a number of other VR devices also. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest information regarding VR compatibility in Unreal Engine 4.