Surgeon Simulator PS4 Getting Exclusive Free Multiplayer DLC

This week sees Bossa Studios launched its hit indie videogame, Surgeon Simulator, on PlayStation 4 as Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition. Available from today on the US PlayStation Store and tomorrow in Europe, the title is due to receive support for the Project Morpheus virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) down the line. Now Bossa has revealed that the title will see a free multiplayer mode later this month.

The new mode was announced in a minute-long trailer seen below. The footage first recaps the title’s journey to PlayStation 4 before teasing a free multiplayer DLC pack, due to arrive on 27th August 2014. Footage shows two hands, each controlled by a seperate player, working together to cause the usual brand of chaos that the title can become well known for.

Multiplayer and Project Morpheus aren’t the only planned updates for this version of the title; Bossa Studios has in the past confirmed that it is also planning to integrate the PlayStation Move motion controller with the experience later down the line. VRFocus will continue to follow Surgeon Simulator going forward, reporting back with any further updates.