Kôna Gets New Demo

There’s just over a week left for indie developer Parabole and its ongoing Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible experience, Kôna. The developer is hoping to raise $40,000 CAD to aid the title’s production before the campaign closes on 6th September 2014. At the time of writing the campaign sits at over half of its goal raised, meaning there’s a good chance it could succeed with one final push. Now the developer has released a brand new demo from the experience as part of that push.


The demo was posted in an update on the Kickstarter campaign. As the developer explains, “This version put emphasis on the adventure aspects of Kôna. Please note that even if it contains significantly more content than the atmosphere demo, it is still an early development version 🙂 Anyway, we hope you enjoy it!

“Feel free to stream some footage on Youtube, Twitch or any other platform.”

Kôna is a first-person adventure set in North Quebec. Players are cast as private detective Carl Faubert, hired to investigate vandalism and theft to a rich’s industrialist’s house. However has Faubert arrives on the scene players discover it completely deserted. They will then have to explore the area to uncover what has happened to the local population. The title features a lack of waypoints and hints, encourgaing players to explore the mystery by themselves.

Should Kôna‘s Kickstarter campaign prove successful then Parabole hopes to launch the first of four episodes in April 2015 on PC, Mac and Linux with full support for the Oculus Rift VR head-mounted display (HMD). The developer has also told VRFocus that a PlayStation 4 version with Project Morpheus VR HMD support is possible in the future. VRFocus will continue to follow Kôna going forward, reporting back with any further updates.