EA Founder on VR: ‘I don’t think it’s necessary’

It’s often been said that the new wave of virtual reality (VR) is only convincing once you’ve tried it. This has been proven true time and again, and it’s perhaps time that key industry figures were invited to join the experience. Trip Hawkins, founder of Electronic Arts, is one such individual that clearly needs convincing of the benefits of VR as he suggests that, much like stereoscopic 3D movies, “Nobody really cares.”

This statement comes from an interview with Gamespot, in which Hawkins states: “I’m not really a big fan of goggles. I don’t really think that it’s necessary.”


Of course, those already involved in the development of VR software would argue that this simply isn’t the case. VR offers a plethora of new opportunities and can achieve interaction and immersion in a way no other videogames have ever previously been capable of. However, Hawkins does highlight a few issues that VR will have to overcome in order to become a standardised in-home entertainment technology:

“Having to put on glasses is kind of annoying and alienating. If I’m in my home, playing games, I don’t want to knock my beer over, I don’t want to not be able to find my phone if it rings; I don’t want to not be able to make eye contact with other people in the room, you know?”

This statement suggests that Hawkins is in fact not aware of Sony Computer Entertainment’s efforts to make VR a more social experience. VRFocus is not aware of Hawkin’s current experience with VR, though the statements made in this interview suggest that he’s basing his opinion on a previous iteration and not the modern way championed by Oculus VR. VRFocus will of course keep you updated with any further developments on this story.