Deep Space Settlement Dev: Oculus Rift Support ‘Would be Fun to Implement’

Many are eager to see how virtual reality (VR) technology might affect the real-time strategy (RTS) videogame genre. While titles suchs as The Universim have teased that they might support devices such as the Oculus Rift VR head-mounted display (HMD) going forward, few developers are yet to commit to using the tech for their titles. Now VR enthusiasts can add Deep Space Settlement to the expanding list of potential VR supporters.


Indie developer Escape Velocity Studios has teased possible support for the Oculus Rift in its upcoming space set RTS. Filling out a frequently asked questions section on Deep Space Settlement’s recently passed Steam Greenlight page, the developer noted that adding 3D support to the title “would be fun to implement! Oculus Rift support too. That’s all I can say for now.” Could the experience be due to support the HMD?

Deep Space Settlement tasks players with gathering resources to build an army as they seek to colonise distant regions of space. Players will be able to create fleets consisting of various types of craft, establishing alliances with other factions, unlocking new technologies and more. The title features both single and multiplayer modes as well as story and sandbox gametypes. The title can be pre-ordered from its official site right now.

It’s currently not clear when Deep Space Settlement might arrive on PC. The developer is planning to releasing an early playable build followed by both alpha and beta versions before its final release. Hopefully VR support will be confirmed during one of these stages. VRFocus will continue to follow Deep Space Settlement going forward, reporting back with any further updates regarding VR support.