Caffeine Dev Talks Crowd-Funding, VR and Project Morpheus

Dylan Browne is a stubborn indie developer. Having seen two crowd-funding campaigns for his upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible videogame Caffeine fall short of expectations, the Australian developer is taking another shot at IndieGoGo funding. Things are a little bit different this time, however, as Browne as managed to drastically reduce the funding goal for the title, which plans to launch on PlayStation 4 and PC with support for the Oculus Rift VR head-mounted display (HMD) on the latter.


But how has Browne managed this? And what went wrong with his first attempts? VRFocus recently put these questions and more towards the developer. In the interview below Browne talks about how long the title has been in development, how long the experience will last and more. VRFocus will continue to follow Caffeine going forward, reporting back with any further updates and news.

VRFocus: This is your third crowd funding attempt for Caffeine. How long has the project been in development for now?

Dylan Browne: Caffeine has been in development since March of this year, with the switch from UE3 to UE4 taking place during April.

VRFocus: Where did the idea of Caffeine first come from?

Dylan Browne: Caffeine came about when my love of coffee and a modular test level became one! I was making a concept level and a few people said it looked great, so I began working on a story to go with it.

VRFocus: You describe Caffeine as a horror experience, but we’re yet to see much in the way of a threat. Can you give any idea on what dangers players may encounter?

Dylan Browne: There is definitely something on the space station with you… but the main danger will come from the environment itself.

VRFocus: How long can we expect Caffeine to last?

Dylan Browne: The current intention is 4-6 hours, short and sweet!

VRFocus: How have you been able to reduce the project’s goal so drastically?

Dylan Browne: The original intention was to have this be my full time commitment, but we did not make that goal so I set a new one to allow me to focus a lot of time on the game but also continue doing some contract work on the side. In addition there is possible funding from elsewhere, but I can’t really guarantee that at this time.

VRFocus: What lessons have you learnt from previous crowd-funding attempts?

Dylan Browne: I think the main issue was timing, and attempting to keep the marketing going for it. I also learnt never to have a Kickstarter go through E3!

VRFocus: How does VR support add to the game?

Dylan Browne: I don’t have my Oculus Dev kit yet but it will add a heap to the immersion and atmosphere of the game. I really want to work hard to deliver a realistic game that a player can immerse themselves in.

VRFocus: The title is now confirmed for PS4. Could it also support Project Morpheus on that platform?

Dylan Browne: It is a possibility as UE4 also has built in support for Morpheus, So it could support it but that has not been decided yet.