Awakening of Heroes Launches Founders Games Campaign

COFA Games, the team behind the forthcoming Awakening of Heroes, has launched a funding campaign on the community influenced website, Founders Games. The principle here is much like Steam Greenlight: users vote for the videogames they wish to see made available to play. The difference, however, is that Founders Games will make additional finance available to those who earn a large amount of votes.

Up to 200 startups will be selected to receive additional funding, promotional aid and a free stand at the Global Webit Congress in Istanbul, October 2014.  Awakening of Heroes is just 1 of more than 100 applicants for the Founders Games assets, including software that benefits health, finance and education sectors as well as entertainment targeted videogames. However, COFA Games is the only studio in the competition aiming for a virtual reality (VR) experience.


“We are creating a video game in which ordinary people become heroes,” reads COFA Games’ campaign agenda. “Awakening of Heroes is a multi-platform game that allows two teams of five players to participate in a real time combat with the ultimate goal to destroy opponents’ base. Our mission is to bring funny and relaxing experience of social gaming to the rapidly growing population of mid-core gamers.”

Awakening of Heroes is a new multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) videogame, currently undergoing a series of alpha tests. COFA Games are currently accepting applications for public players in the alpha tests and you can vote for their Founders Game campaign hereVRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Awakening of Heroes.