True Player Gear Rebranded, OLED Edition Announced

Today sees two surprise announcements coming from True Player Gear: a rebranding of their production team and the intention to upgrade the screen featured within their forthcoming head-mounted display (HMD), the Totem. At present, the Totem features a 1080p LCD screen and custom PCB, however the plan is to replace this with a low persistence OLED panel within a few months.

Furthermore, the team has made significant progress on their head-tracking solution and the internal development of an Unreal Engine 4 plugin. The team are still intending to source additional finance through crowd-funding, suggesting that a Kickstarter will launch by the end of Summer, but that it will operate under a different name.


“We’ve also decided to take a huge step and change our branding,” states an official communication from True Player Gear. “Why? ‘True Player Gear’ is long-winded and we’ve heard pretty much every possible permutation of those words. It also caused some confusion at times: ‘Wait, you guys aren’t making hip hop clothing!?’ But most importantly, we felt it did not reflect our long term vision for the company, which is that VR should not be limited to gaming but also be open to simulations, education, medicine, architecture, etc. After a long thought process, we are renaming the company to vrvana (pronounced “ver-vana”) and are introducing a new logo to reflect the change.”

The new logo for the company appears on this very page and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on vrvana’s forthcoming Totem HMD.