Red of Paw Launches Kickstarter for Oculus Connect-Based Experience

Nick Pittom of Red of Paw has become a prominent figure in the virtual reality (VR) community in just the space of 2014 alone. The developer has managed this with the release of two popular adaptions of scenes from celebrated anime movie studio, Studio Ghibli. Both scenes, one based on Spirited Away, the other on My Neighbour Totoro, have made headlines within the industry based on their faithful recreations and quality when used with the Oculus Rift VR headset. Now Red of Paw has launched a Kickstarter for its next project, though it might not be what some were expecting.


The UK-based developer has today started a crowd funding campaign for help in getting to the Oculus Connect developer conference in Hollywood, California on 19th – 20th September 2014. Of course, Red of Paw isn’t simply looking for fans to pay his way without return; Pittom has pledged that he will create a brand new VR experience based on his trip, with ideas from backers also making it into the title. The project is looking to raise £1,700 GBP but 28th July 2014.

While the experience will be based on Pittom’s time at the event, a number of backer reward tiers will also players to have a different level of input into the title. The title itself will be available for £3, though players can have their name placed somewhere in it for £5. Reward tiers continue with options such as having your face placed in the videogame, choosing something to find in it and even appearing in it themselves. Stretch goals include a video diary of the trip and a second chapter for the experience.

Oculus Connect was announced earlier this week and promises to be an important date in the VR calender. Attendees will get to hear about the latest in VR technology and attending workshops and sessions from the likes of Palmer Luckey and more. VRFocus will continue to follow the event and Pittom’s campaign, report back with any more updates.