Radial-G Developers Obtain Project Morpheus Dev Kit

The team behind the forthcoming Radial-G, Tammeka Games, have previously mentioned their intentions to bring the videogame to a number of formats including mobile devices and the PlayStation 4. The likelihood of the latter has increased dramatically it would seem, as Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has revealed that a development kit will soon be arriving with the Brighton based studio.

Currently undergoing a Kickstarter campaign, Radial-G is a racing videogame akin to the likes of F-Zero and WipEout. Set in a futuristic sci-fi world, Radial-G is all about maintaining a high speed on courses which defy the laws of physics. VRFocus has previously experienced the videogame firsthand, stating in a hands-on preview of Radial-G: “given that Radial-G conveys a genuine sense of speed it’s the forethought that goes into surveying the track ahead that will aid the reduction of lap times. And of course, this is where the Oculus Rift compatibility comes into play.”


The revelation that Tammeka Games had obtained a Project Morpheus came via Twitter. Only a few moments ago, Agostino Simonetta, Senior Account Manager of Development at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE), tweeted that his team “have a devkit ready” for Tammeka Games, as can be seen below.

Tammeka Games responded with a thankful Tweet that suggested the talks had been ongoing for at least a short while, promising the return of mutually agreeable forms. It is not known what these forms are, though it’s more than likely to be a standardised non-disclosure agreement between SCEE and third-party development studios.


Radial-G is currently undergoing a Kickstarter campaign and Tammeka Games present a regular development diary here on VRFocus. Any further developments on the PlayStation 4 edition of Radial-G will of course be reported here at VRFocus.