Oculus Rift Support Confirmed for Tree Simulator 2013: Treeloaded

In the space of the past few weeks a number of slapstick titles dubbed ‘simulator’ have revealed support for the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset. First came Grass Simulator 2014 at the end of June 2014, followed by Rock Simulator 2014 at the start of July. Last week also saw the reveal of the amusing Alien Makeout Simulator. Yet another title has now joined their ranks; Tree Simulator 2013: Treeloaded. A teaser trailer for the Oculus Rift support can be seen below.

As the videogame’s title suggests, Tree Simulator 2013: Treeloaded is an update of the original title that launched last year. In it, players are simply cast as a tree and can sit in a forest, obsvering the environment around them. On top of Oculus Rift support, the updated version contains Direct X11 support, improved graphics and models and a new menu system. Other than that this is still the same simple title that players experienced before.

Tree Simulator 2013: Treeloaded recently launched a Steam Greenlight campaign to make it available on Valve’s digital PC store come release. Should it prove successful, then the title will be free to play upon release. The developer has also promised regular updates including new maps and features. VRFocus will continue to follow any and all applications of VR and report back with all of the latest updates.